Copy of I'm in a hurry. The item may get sold!

Step 1 : Please check the amount on Mercari.

 Teresa's Toy Store :  Step 1 - Check the price on Mercari.

Step 2  : Calculate how much it costs including my fees and Paypal fees.

Teresa's Toy Store :  Step 2 : Calculate how much it costs

Step 3 : Wire me the money :

Please make sure you send the correct amount. For your peace of mind, please send through goods and services. If you send the wrong amount or just the amount without my fees, it may take longer because I will have to get back to you and ask you to wire the full amount. 

If the items gets sold, I will contact you and reverse you the funds.

I try to reply as soon as I can but I don't work 24 hours a day. If you send me a message in the middle of the night in Japan, then my earliest reply will be the next day.  

Tokyo, Japan is GMT+9.

I hope you understand!