I'm in a hurry. The item may get sold!

Step 1 : Please check the amount on the website

 Teresa's Toy Store :  Step 1 - Check the price on Mercari.

Step 2  : Send me the money.

List Price x 1.2 (or more) depending on how you want to pay. Check the FAQs.

There are two ways 

paypal.me/teresastoystore888 (For existing buyers only) 

2 Wise https://wise.com/invite/u/teresat298

Step 3 : Wire me the money : 

I will create a gift card for you to buy.  If the items gets sold, I will contact you  and reverse you the funds. 

I try to reply as soon as I can but I don't work 24 hours a day. If you send me a message in the middle of the night in Japan, then my earliest reply will be the next day.  

Tokyo, Japan is GMT+9.

I hope you understand!