In-person shopping

I offer in-person shopping. 

Cost : 20,000 yen plus round trip fares from Kita Senju Station

If there are entrance fees required, you will also need to pay for them beforehand. 

Distance : within 90 minutes one way of Kita Senju Station

This means I can take the bullet train, as long as the one way trip is within 90 minutes. 

You can check Jorudan the distance from Kita Senju Station.

Duration : 4 hours of shopping time (excluding traveling time)

If I need to queue, max queueing time will be 4 hours . Whether or not we make it to the start of the queue,  I leave after 4 hours .  

Anything over 4 hours will be charged an additional 20,000 yen. 

Please note : There are no guarantees we can buy the item(s) that you want. The fee is for the labor and time of  traveling  to the place you want to buy the items. There is no refund if it's out of stock.  

I still charge 20% on the items you want to buy .

We can video at the shop ONLY IF PERMITTED

Questions ? Contact me