Shop in the Philippines

1 Which websites can we buy from  in the Philippines  ? 




2 How much do you charge ? 

Basically, 30% of the list price unless the price is very low or it is a lot.

Please note that the value is converted from Yen to PHP. The amounts listed here can change, depending on the exchange rate. 


How much is the item(s) you are buying ? 

 If the total shipment worth is over 1860 PHP, please look at the  Table  A below 


Table A 

 For single items 1001 PHP and over that is to be consolidated with others  : 

30 % 

For example : 

List price  : 1001 PHP    

1001  x 1.3 = 1302  PHP 


 For single items less than 1001 PHP that is to be consolidated with others : 

200 PHP 

For example :

Teresa's Toy Store : Proxy buying, Proxy Shopping online , proxy purchase service in Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Singapore

List price  : 888 PHP

888 + 200   = 1088 PHP


 For lots  consisting of 10 items or more and the listing is worth less than 1001 PHP  

200 + lot fee of 200 

For example :

Teresa's Toy Store : Proxy buying, Proxy Shopping online , proxy purchase service in Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Singapore

List price : 1000 PHP

 1000 + 200 + 200 lot fee = 1400 PHP



 For lots  consisting of 10 items or more and the listing is worth 1001 PHP or more

30 % 

For example :

Teresa's Toy Store : Proxy buying, Proxy Shopping online , proxy purchase service in Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Singapore

List price : 1001 PHP

1001 x 1.3 = 1302 PHP 



 If the total shipment worth is less then 1860 PHP , please look at the  TABLE B below 




For single items worth less than 1860 PHP that needs to be shipped by itself . It means it needs a trip to the post office just by itself. (We need to take a taxi to the post office as the nearest post office is not within walking distance) 

558 PHP




3) What can I order ?

You can order anything that is not prohibited/ restricted and within the size limit. 

Here is a list of items we cannot ship : 

Airguns / air rifles
raw food
fruits and vegetables
Animals / insects
bank notes
sun block
power bank
car parts
cars / automobiles / heavy machinery

Anything that is over 30kg for EMS.

Anything that is over 100 cm for EMS. 



4) How much is shipping ? 

Shipping is very tricky in the Philippines.

For one, the Phil Post is not updated regularly. Second, they don't have a standard. It pretty much depends on whom you ask.

As of April 2024, there is no EMS to the US.  

For the US - we use DHL and UPS.

UPS charges additional  12 % VAT that is not included in the quote and 224 Export declaration fee.

If you are sending second-hand luxury items, we use DHL  as UPS rejects these kinds of items . You can generate your own quote by accessing these website and entering the zip code 1214 and then your zip code. 

Please understand that we need to know the dimensions of the box and total weight including packaging to generate a quote.  I cannot answer questions like 'How much is shipping to me?' without these details. 


Phil Post published price (not reliable, not updated by Phil Post

Australia - 1954 PHP 

Brazil - 2564 PHP  

Canada - 2780 PHP 

France 2378 PHP  

Germany - 2362 PHP 

Great Britain - 2417 PHP 

India - 1688 PHP 

Italy - 2352 PHP 

Malaysia - 1659 PHP  

New Zealand - 1900 PHP 

Singapore -1717 PHP 

Spain - 2047 PHP   



5) Can I consolidate my items  ? 




6) Can I rush an order  ?

Domestic shipping  in the Philippines may not be as fast as in Japan.  The sellers also take their time responding. 

In addition, the buyer cannot reply right away. 

UPS shipping is done by scheduling a pick-up. DHL can be a drop-off or a pick-up. The proxy has a day job and cannot reply right away . He also works from the office 3 times a week so he can only ship your packages only when he works from home. He has to get his manager's approval to work from home. This is why we cannot rush orders. I am very sorry. 

If you are in hurry, and want real time answers, we cannot help you. 



7) Can I order something and have it shipped to your Philippine address ? 

No. Please look for other Philippine proxy services.  



8) Can I get a discount ?  

No. Please look for other Philippine proxy services.



9) Can you do in-person buying ? 

Please ask us.   

 For high-ticket items on websites like Carousell, we will ask to do in-person shopping within Manila so we don't get scammed . The buyer has to pay round-trip taxi fares (screenshots to be sent via e-mail). 


10) Can you buy from blogs/ Instagram / Facebook /personal sites ? 

We prefer to buy on platforms due to risks involved if the seller decides to not ship. If you insist,you can try asking us but you will have to take the risk. We will ask Carousell sellers if it is possible to list on Shopee for more security. 



11) Can I consolidate the items with my items  in Japan?  

 Yes. You will have to pay the shipping and possible custom taxes. 



12) Can you under-declare the amount and declare as a gift ? 


We create the shipping label and send it to you to approve. If you don't approve, we don't ship. Like you, we don't want surprises. 



13) Can you help translate and ask the seller something  ? 

 Yes.  But we may not be able to do this quickly. 



14) What the product is defective / not as described   or has missing parts ? 

 We do check the photos and alert you of discrepancy.  In addition, we also post on Instagram /FB within 24 hours of receiving the item.  Please check your item. After 24 hours , we will close the transaction if we don't hear from you. 

If you do want to file a dispute, we will file a claim with the shopping sites.  Ultimately, the shopping sites themselves will decide if they will refund us or release the funds to the seller. There is nothing we can do in this case.



15) The customs in my country wants to tax  me more than the amount of the product. Can I get a refund ? 


We have no control over  the customs in your country. In addition, the shipping label will be accomplished according to your instructions, and you have to approve of the label before we ship. 

If you don't want to pay taxes, you can call your customs and say you don't want your items. They will be destroyed. 



16) Why do you charge this much ?

I have to pay my Philippine buyer to translate, negotiate with buyers, store your items, ship. I want to pay them a fair rate to make it worth their time. 



17) Will the payment be in Yen ? How do I pay you ? 

Payment will be in Yen. The payment page is here.

Values will be converted from PHP to JPY. The exchange rate of the day will be used. 



18) Can you join lotteries and pre-orders ?Special campaigns ? 




19) Is domestic shipping free , from seller to proxy buyer in the Philippines?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. We will bill you the shipping later.



20) Is the shipping from seller to proxy buyer in the Philippines tracked ? 

Yes. We can check your items for you. 



21) Is there anything else I should know ? 

Special requests - such as to remove a part or some items from a lot to save on shipping, or take photos of the inside of the items (such as taking photos of certain pages of a comic book) , should be made before purchase.

We bubblewrap your items immediately after taking photos to avoid mixing them up with the other items as well as to avoid damages. 

We can refuse to take photos if it's been packaged nicely already. 

In addition, we don't buy from crazy sellers  or sellers with poor ratings. We may choose to message a seller if the listing is inactive.

Please read the profiles of the sellers using Google translate. 

Like you, we don't want to be scammed!!!



Anything else? 

Anything else ? Please ask us