There are new rates effective June 1st 2022. Please check out the shipping pages before buying. 

First Zone - China, South Korea and Taiwan

Second Zone - Asia (excluding China, South Korea, Taiwan)

Third Zone - Oceania, Canada, Mexico, Middle East, Europe

Fourth Zone - U.S. (including Guam and other U.S. territories)

Fifth Zone - Central and South America (excluding Mexico), Africa

As of March 26th 2022, because of the war in Europe, many countries have lost their EMS services. I ship via UPS. I can also do this for US customers because the rates have gone up drastically. 

One option is UPS. Check rates here  if your country is not listed below.


UPS Rates for the US 

Teresa's Toy Store : UPS Shipping Rates to the US



UPS Rates for Europe 

Teresa’s Toy Store : UPS Rates to Austria, Germany, Italy and the UK




UPS Rates for Australia 

Teresa's Toy Store : UPS Rates for Australia


Shipping Rates for Singapore

 Teresa's Toy Store : UPS Shipping Rates for Singapore


Countries that need both sender and recipient to be business entities 

Unfortunately, UPS has a rule for certain countries like the Philippines, Canada and India that the recipient has to be a business entity as well , I cannot send to these countries via UPS. For Philippines, I can send your packages via EMS.   Please don't message me asking to send to these countries. Contact your local UPS and plead your case , not me. I have no say in their rules.  

Teresa's Toy Store : Shipping to India, Canada and the Philippines