1 How much do I need to pay to use your services ? 

I charge 20% . The calculation will be  list price x 1.2 except in the following situations :

- items less than 1001 yen, whether it requires a separate trip to the post office or not ; if it does, it will cost more. 

- bulk items less than 5000 yen, with more than 10 items


For items less than 1001 yen , to be shipped with other items and the total of all the items is more than 1000 yen :

200 yen

For the combined items whose total is less than 1001 yen and that you want shipped right away :

350 yen per item

For bulk items less than 5000 yen, with 10 items or more in the lot, an additional charge of :

200 yen

For items 1001 yen and above and the total value of the box to be shipped together is above 1000 yen 

List price : 1001 JPY

1001 x 1.2 =  1202 JPY

list price x 1.2




2 What payment methods do you accept ? 

 Please see this pageAll about Payments 


PAYPAL  : teresastoystore@gmail.com 

Wise : teresatanizaki@gmail.com


I only accept Paypal friends and family for first time buyers or Wise.   I want to avoid scammers. If you don't like it or cannot do it,  please don't buy. I will reject the payment.

For existing buyers who want to use Paypal, please take note of the forever increasing Paypal charges.  These are actual payments made to me and the Paypal deductions. 

Amounts of 2000 and less are charged 6% or higher. 

Gross Amount Paypal Fees Amount Received Rate Percentage
¥16,445 JPY (¥714) 15731.00 4.538808722 4.50%
¥5,668 JPY (¥272) 5396.00 5.040770941 5%
¥6,299 JPY (¥298) 6001.00 4.965839027 5%
¥27,438 JPY (¥1,165) 26273.00 4.434210026 4.40%
¥7,636 JPY (¥353) 7283.00 4.846903748 4.80%
¥7,111 JPY (¥332) 6779.00 4.897477504 4.90%
¥8,768 JPY (¥399) 8369.00 4.767594695 4.8
¥2,166 JPY (¥129) 2037.00 6.332842415 6%
¥10,601 JPY (¥475) 10126.00 4.690894726 4.70%
¥2,149 JPY (¥128) 2021.00 6.333498268 6.30%
¥5,402 JPY (¥261) 5141.00 5.076833301 5.10%
¥2,245 JPY (¥132) 2113.00 6.24704212 6.20%
¥11,536 JPY (¥513) 11023.00 4.65390547 4.70%


As you can see, the amount changes depending on the amount. All the difference will have to be settled again when  I bill you for shipping. 



Payments made through Wise are flat  20 percent.

List price x 1.2 

My payment gateway has stopped being compatible with Shopify and I am still fixing it so you cannot use gift cards for now . 


3 Why do you charge this much ? 

Main answer : You can buy almost real time with me as long as it's day time in Japan. 

In addition, I have to do all of the following for the customers :

  • maintain the website
  • pay third party websites and apps
  • answer all your queries
  • negotiate on your behalf
  • bid on your behalf
  • translate between buyers and sellers  
  • keep you updated on your orders 
  • consolidate your orders
  • pack and ship your orders 
  • hold your orders indefinitely until you are ready to ship for no additional charge which no other proxy buyers do in Japan
  • I also ship fast.   
  • No registration or subscription or membership required.  
  • I cut the BS for you .

I don't negotiate fees unless they are 100-200k. Please don't contact me asking to reduce my rates.  There are many other sites that charge less than me and I understand that.  You have a plethora of options : just Google. You get cheaper but slower, one-size fits all service. You cannot customize, you cannot make requests, you have to follow their unbendable rules (for example - they might not ship launchers as they look like a gun) , you have to pay for storage. You get what you pay for.  

I have no control over the Paypal fees. 


4  Can I return an item ?  

You cannot arbitrarily return items in Japan .The laws are different here. 

The only reason for returning an items are as follows :

- defective item

- item shipped not the same to the one on the listing 

- some items missing from the photos on the listing 

- condition not as advertised 


5  What can I purchase ? 

You can buy almost anything you want. However, I cannot ship the following :

  • fireworks
  • air guns / air rifles 
  • cigarettes
  • alcohol
  • raw food
  • fruits and vegetables
  • aerosols
  • rice
  • food (depending on the country) 
  • plants 
  • animals / insects 

While I can also buy clothes and shoes on your behalf, I strongly recommend against it because we cannot return them if they don't fit you.  You have to be sure of your size in Japan.


6  Can I purchase sex toys ? 

I have personally confirmed with customs, considering they have laws against pornography. Commercially-available sex toys are fine to export. However, your country might not accept it. 


7  Can I just get your address so I can order them myself and pay you your commission?  I want to order from another proxy company with cheaper commission and send it to your house. 

NO. Please don't contact me to ask about this.  


8 Ok, can you buy an item and have it shipped directly to a warehouse in Japan ? 


How do I know that the item was really shipped or in the right condition unless I receive it ? 

Anyone can make claims about not receiving the item and demand a refund.  

It's not going to happen.  Please don't insist on what you want or I will block you. There are other proxy services who can cater to you - Google them. 


9 Are there other ways to contact you ? 

Yes. Once you place an order, we can communicate via WhatsApp, Signal, Messenger or e-mail. 


10  Can I ship without tracking ? 

No. For both of our peace of mind, I only ship with tracking.  This is both to protect you and me. Please check the shipping page. If you are not happy with how I ship, or if your country does not have EMS and cannot send via DHL or UPS, please do not proceed.


11 Do you ship to my country ? 

Please check  the Japan Post website and right click on 'translate'.  

More about shipping on the Shipping Page


12  Do you have any reviews ? How do I know if can I trust you ? 

Teresa's Toy Store Reviews on Instagram 

Teresa's Toy Store Reviews on Facebook

Teresa's Toy Store Reviews on WBO 


13 I want to buy from you, but they are not Beyblades. Is that OK ?  

That is totally fine. The steps are the same.


14 What kind of payments do you accept ?  

Existing buyers only : Paypal.me/teresastoystore888  /  teresastoystore@gmail.com

New buyers / existing buyers  : Wise 


15 Do you offer payment plans ? 



16 Can I order now and pay later? 



17  Can I get a discount?

If you write a review on my Facebook or Instagram, I'll charge you 10% of my fees for the next item you order, instead of the usual 20%.  This is not for the whole box - just for that one item. This is not applicable to first time buyers. You have to have used my services before.

I sometimes run campaigns too. The best way to know when I run them would be to follow me on Instagram


18 I want to buy something more than 50,000 yen. Can I negotiate your fees ? 

Yes. Please contact me.


19 Isn't DHL / FEDEX cheaper than EMS ? I've sent via DHL before and it was XXX amount for a box of XXX KG. 

Price Comparison for a 1KG box 15x17x23cm to Philadelphia.

DHL FEDEX Japan Post
17 631 Yen ($154) 27 201 Yen ($237) 5100 Yen ($32)


Please remember, I don't have a corporate account with these companies.

You can always compare them yourself here : 

DHL Fedex  Japan Post

(I called Fedex and only the more expensive option is available at the moment due to Corona)  


20 There has been no movement of my package according to the tracking . 

If the tracking shows it hasn't moved within Japan, I can contact Japan Post on your behalf. 

 If the tracking shows it has clearly left Japan, there is nothing else to do but wait. You can call you local post office but I will not  be making overseas calls to your post office. I cannot help with parcels lost OUTSIDE of Japan. You will have to deal with your post office yourself.



21 I didn't get my package, now what ? 

 NOTE : This has only happened once and she insisted on sending via seafreight, not EMS. One box reached her and the other didn't.

As I told her, I cannot refund you once the package has left my care. That means the moment I bring it to the post office with receipts and all,  I cannot be held liable for it. The box is not under my control anymore. However, I will help you track your box. 

For Japan Post, I will personally go to the nearest post office and ask them about it.  If necessary, I will open an official investigation. 

For boxes worth over 20,000 yen , I ship with insurance so there are chances you can make a claim.  The question is WHERE.

Japan Post will decide if you can make a claim here or there in your country. If Japan Post confirms  by providing me with documentation that the package DID reach the country of destination , Japan Post considers it as having done their job - even in the case when it didn't reach your house. You would not be able to file a claim in Japan. All claims will be done in your country with your local post office. Think about it :  if your local post office screwed up, why should Japan Post compensate you ? 

UPS has not screwed up, so I don't know what the process is. 

Before placing orders , ask yourself this : how much do you trust your local mailing system ? 

If you don't trust, your country's postal mail, please find another proxy. I will not refund you for lost mail


22 Do you charge 20% per item or 20% of the total of all items ?  

Yes, this actually got asked. 

The short answer : It doesn't matter how you calculate it. You will arrive to the same amount. 

Explanation (skip if you aced your math class!)
Let's say you want to buy 3 items.

The cost is 

Item A - 400 yen

Item B -1500 yen

Item C - 2100 yen

Cost 20% of each item
400 80 yen
1500 300 yen
2100 420 yen

Total : 800 yen in fees

If you add them together 400+1500+2100=4000

Get the 20% by multiplying by .2 = 800 yen.  


23 I have read everything and still want to proceed. What now ? 

The shortcut is send me the links then send me the payment via Paypal friends and family @ teresastoystore@gmail.com or Wise teresatanizaki@gmail.com


24 I have just made a purchase. Now what ? 

I will send you a spreadsheet to track your purchases. This can take between 1-5 days depending on how busy I am. 

Please follow me or check Instagram / Facebook regularly. 

I post the photos of the items within 24 hours of receiving them. I will let you know if they are here either through Messenger, WhatsApp or by email. 

You have to tell me if it's :) or :( . If I don't hear from you, I will have to rate the sellers myself and close the transaction.  You forfeit your right to file a complaint. 

This is because the sellers get angry if it takes too long. Some even block my user ID. 


25 Have you lost a package before ? 

Yes. Via sea freight. This is why I don't send via sea freight anymore.  The story is here. 


26 Have you ever bought expensive items before ? 

Yes, a diamond engagement ring. I went in person to buy it . For in person purchases, my minimum commission is 20,000 yen excluding transportation fees. 

Shipping for expensive items will be via Fedex ONLY. 


27 Can you hold the items while I shop ? How long ?

Yes. Most people ask me to hold between 1-3 months until they are ready to ship. I don't charge extra for this. 

Please note that your items will be disposed off if after several attempts to reach you, you have not replied and your items have been with me for a year.


28 Can you do pre-orders or join lotteries ? 

Yes, please send me the details. 

Note : I cannot join a Pokémon lottery on your behalf.