Leave a review and get a coupon

If you leave a review on the following pages, you pay only 10% of my fees for the next item you buy.

Please remember :

1 This applies to the next item only, not the entire box if you are shopping.

2 You can only leave a review once you have received a package from me. Please wait for the package to get to you.  Because the packages are tracked, I can see if you have received it or not. 

3 You have to leave a review in either Facebook or Instagram. There are two specific pages only. Leaving reviews on other pages don't count. 

4 You can only do this once. 
5 If you are buying a lot, you can specify which item you want this to apply to. 


Recommend me to your friend and pay only 10% for your next item. 

Conditions :

1 Your friend has to be a first time buyer. You cannot recommend me to anyone who has used me before or already knows me. This means this must be the person's first contact with me. This is because there are users who may have already inquired about something or  even who tried to make a purchase but at the end, couldn't. This does not apply to them at all. 

2 Your friend's items have to be shipped to a different address.

3 Your friend needs to have a different Paypal account.

4 Your friend has to have bought items worth more than 10,000 yen net (meaning before my fees). 

5 Two people cannot recommend the same person.

6 Your friend has to confirm you recommended him. 

7 Your friend's transaction has to be closed before you get this coupon. It means your friend has to have received the package safely from me.

8 You can select the item you want this to apply to, if you are buying a lot of items.

9 You can recommend as many friends as you want. Same rules apply. 

10 Your friend has to be in a country where I can ship to. They cannot be from these countries.  I apologize.