Because of a scammer in the UK, I am no longer accepting Paypal payments from new buyers

There is a certain buyer in the UK who is spreading lies - that he received only 'half a Beyblade' to quote his exact words. I encouraged him to file his complaint with UPS.

As per their SOP, UPS drivers checks the box contents before shipping.Shippers cannot seal the box. The content of the box has to match the waybill. UPS then issues the shipper a receipt for the box . The SOP remains the same for the said items - meaning UPS accepted two Beyblades and issued me a receipt. (UPS office also checks the box and calls me if there's a discrepancy ) 

The seller then complained of having received only one Beyblade. No one has ever complained about a missing Beyblade before (OK - it happened once, in May 2020 and it turned out the seller never shipped the item to me) . I would refund you if it was really my mistake but the buyer has been suspicious from the beginning. 

He's been asking for a refund even when I had the item on hand, complaining it was the wrong color. I couldn't send it back to the seller without a legitimate reason, so I said to him that I would block him.  We kept the correspondence via email. I shipped him his item with receipt and all. 

One of the mods said once a buyer initiates a chargeback, Paypal would freeze the account. He also warned me about partial refunds. He himself has been scammed before. 

It's for this reason that for new buyers, you have to buy a gift card and pay by credit card only. No Paypal anymore. My site is hosted by Shopify so I can assure you the payment is secured and safe.  . I have over a thousand sales to prove I am not a scam.  This is non-negotiable. If you think I am a scam then maybe best to head somewhere. You have options. 



For serious buyers, Teresa's Toy Store is here to help.

I am proxy buyer based in Japan and I can help you with your journey in buying online on Japanese  flea market sites. 

What else can I do for you ? 

I can help you negotiate with Japanese sellers, consolidate shipping, and buy from online Japanese sites. I can also help you buy from sellers who refuse to sell to proxies.  I can also do bank transfers for local sellers who do not accept credit cards. 

I can pre-order items and hold your items for a long period of time for free. For US-based buyers, I can also send big items. 

I can help you customize the value of your box. Yes, you can decide the value of your box. 


I can help you navigate these sites:

Mercari Japan

Yahoo Auctions Japan

Amazon Japan

Rakuten Japan

Fril Japan

Takaratomy Japan

Nike Shop Japan

Adidas Japan

Shein Japan

Zozo Town Japan

Lululemon Japan

Ghibli Japan

Disney shop Japan

Premium Bandai



Please note : I cannot join lotteries on Pokemon Online Center Japan. 


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