Price Changes effective January 16th 2023

I am upping prices for individual items less than 1000 yen and bulk listings consisting of 10 items or more, less than 5000 yen. 

Why? Because it has to be worth my time to run this business. If my commission is just 60 yen, it's  just not worth my time. You cannot buy anything with 60 yen in Japan, maybe except bean sprouts.

In addition, Japanese yen is so weak!

So anyway here is the updated price list effective January 16th 2023. More info here

Teresa's Toy Store Price Changes in 2023


Why have I increased my prices ? I provide value to you as a shopper in more ways than big commercial proxy sites that charge you for every little thing. 

I can help anyone based outside of Japan buy items in Japan and shop online on Japanese sites. I can consolidate items for shipping. I can consolidate your items with your friends. I can pre-order items and store your items for a long time free of charge.  

I can help with keywords and negotiate with sellers who cannot speak English.  I can bid on Yahoo Auctions. I can ask for more pictures on Mercari Japan or ask other questions about the item you are interested in. I can talk to them real-time. I can buy from sellers who refuse to sell to proxy / Japanese buying proxy sites. I can ask sellers if they have stock. I can join lotteries (not Pokemon ones, though).   I can translate your messages for the seller. 

You can also customize the value of your box and mark as a gift.


I can help you navigate these sites:

Mercari Japan

Yahoo Auctions Japan

Amazon Japan

Rakuten Japan

Fril Japan

Takaratomy Japan

Nike Shop Japan

Adidas Japan

Shein Japan

Zozo Town Japan

Lululemon Japan

Ghibli Japan

Disney shop Japan

Premium Bandai



Please note : I cannot join lotteries on Pokemon Online Center Japan. 


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