Sending sunblock to Non-US territories

I asked on behalf of someone if we can ship sunblock from Japan to Australia . Here is Japan Post's answer.

This was written by the staff : 

Teresa's Toy Store: Sending Sunblock to non-US territories


There are three conditions

1 31 flammability limit / over 60% (?)

2 Alcohol is less than 24% 

3 No spray cans 


I don't understand #1 :(  I tried to look at what '31' means, and is this marked clearly on the bottle ? Can't find it... 

In addition, the information  seems to depend on which post office you ask . One said these are the conditions for sending to non-US territories, the other one just said all countries are funny about sunblock. 

However, both offices I consulted said it is difficult to send .The parcel can get rejected by the receiving country and it might get returned to me. 

I asked about  sea freight, but they don't want to accept shipment of sunblock via sea freight either. 

Sorry to all who asked.


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