Teresa's Toy Store : Explainer Video

Do you want something from Japan ?

Do you want to pre-order an item or join a lottery that requires a Japanese number ?

Do you want to shop for a few months and consolidate the shipping?

Or consolidate shipping with your friends ?

Or do you want to talk to a seller ?

Ask for more pictures?

Or negotiate the prices ?

Are you in a hurry to get something ?

Or do you need help with keywords?

Do you want to do all these things in almost real time?

Teresa's Toy Store is here to help.

Besides this, what else can I offer ? 

I can help you negotiate with Japanese sellers, consolidate shipping, and buy from online Japanese sites. I can also help you buy from sellers who refuse to sell to proxies.  I can also do bank transfers for local sellers who do not accept credit cards. 

I can pre-order items and hold your items for a long period of time for free. For US-based buyers, I can also send big items. 

I can help you customize the value of your box. Yes, you can decide the value of your box. 


I can help you navigate these sites:

Mercari Japan

Yahoo Auctions Japan

Amazon Japan

Rakuten Japan

Fril Japan

Takaratomy Japan

Nike Shop Japan

Adidas Japan

Shein Japan

Zozo Town Japan

Lululemon Japan

Ghibli Japan

Disney shop Japan

Premium Bandai



Please note : I cannot join lotteries on Pokemon Online Center Japan. 


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