UPS rates have increased

Unfortunately, Yamato / UPS has increased their rates.

Please check this page for more details 

I always try to help buyers with shipping . I try to compare the cheapest shipping method available for your country. I compare the shipping methods and fees and consult with you on the best way to ship. 

Besides that, I can also help you negotiate with Japanese sellers, consolidate shipping, and buy from online Japanese sites. I can help you buy from sellers who refuse to sell to proxies, or sellers who do not like selling to people abroad, sellers who do not speak English.  I can also do bank transfers for local sellers who do not accept credit cards or pay through convenience stores. 

I can pre-order items and hold your items for a long period of time for free. For US-based buyers, I can also send big items by sea freight. 

I can help you customize the value of your box. Yes, with Teresa's Toy Store, you can decide the value of your box. 


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