Why You Should Not Send via regular mail to the US

In May, I sent two boxes, one worth 10,000 yen and another worth 100,000 yen  to the US . As per the instruction of the buyer,  I sent it through sea freight. 

The cheaper box made it to her.  The more expensive one didn't. As per the buyer , 

"There were two different packages. One arrived safely during the weekday and the other was supposed to arrive on the weekend. [] I am pretty sure USPS messed up because I am fairly certain they are lying to me. When I first called them 2 months ago, they insisted they delivered it, then they said they had a new mailman who messed up with the scanning, then they said it was damaged and sent to the reprocessing center."

I sent it with tracking. I went to Japan Post to inquire and they printed the tracking history. It showed that it arrived in the US safely at a certain date. I asked if she could be compensated and they said by default, there was an insurance included in the sea freight (it was in the back of the form I filled out). They gave me a call center to inquire and I called this number in Japan.

The agent said, "It was disposed of" on August 28th, 10:52 am.   I asked about the insurance and the agent gave me another number to call. I called this number and it wasn't working.

I relayed  all of these to the buyer who was stunned as she was told by USPS it was 'being re-processed'.  She asked if I understood the agent correctly. I said yes - the word the agent used had the Chinese characters that meant 'disposal' - hence there is no mistake. 

I explained to her that Japan Post did its job and delivered to the US. USPS screwed up. So the insurance must be claimed there. Why should Japan Post pay ? I also did my job - I did as instructed. My job ends there. If it doesn't get to you, then I cannot be held liable. This is why I only send through  EMS  now to the US- avoid the headache, avoid the drama, send through EMS. 

Here is the actual letter that the Japan Post staff wrote in English (please don't mind the grammar! ) : 

Teresa's Toy Store : Japan Post's reply to her claims


Please understand that I am not going to waste my time calling people and asking them about your mail. This is not a part of my job  I explained that she knew the risks - she decided to take it anyway . All I did was as she wanted.

Lesson learned : If you live in the US, I will only send to you through EMS. Take it or leave it. 

Or if you can afford Fedex or DHL, then why not?  If you have a forwarder, my responsibility ends upon sending the package to your forwarder. If your forwarder messes up, I am sorry but I cannot be held liable for this. If you are not happy with this, then please feel free to find other proxy buyers. I rest my case.