Pokemon Card Game Classic [Pokemon]

Pokemon Card Game Classic [Pokemon]

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In Japan, shops don't adjust to your needs. Rules are rules. Customers aren't kings. This is why it can be frustrating for buyers with specific needs. Teresa's Toy Store strives to be as flexible as we reasonably can.

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I found Teresa when I was searching for individual proxies in Japan after having issues with a seller who was unwilling to work with a larger proxy service. Her website is designed so well for those unfamiliar with proxy services, and the whole process from beginning to end was just fantastic. In my situation, I was worried the item I wanted to buy would sell fast - so I used Teresa's "I'm in a hurry! Help!" feature of her website. I calculated the fees for the item I wanted, paid & sent the link, and within a very short time frame she had emailed me saying she secured the item!! Amazing! Teresa constantly gave me updates about when the item was expected to arrive to her, the condition it was in, and even discussing the various shipping options to me. I had my item to me in less than a month, and it was packaged so well!! I am very grateful to have found Teresa, and hope to work with her again in the near future!


Teresa is incredible and from the get-go, I realized that she cared, was able to be prompt and quick and helped as much as she did. And being patient too! (The aquarios 🙄😂) Overall, I recommend her 100% if you want to get quick messages, quick shipping, pictures and quotes but most of all, if you want someone who will do their best to make it a great experience :) thank you! You are my go-to proxy shopper for Japan from now on!


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Japan has closed its borders for two years now. Frustrated that you cannot come to Japan ? Need something urgent ? There's a time-sensitive promo and other proxies take a long time to reply?

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