Sending payments - why only friends and family ?

I only accept payments via friends and family on Paypal because of problems I have had in the past where someone said that I didn't send the complete product. This is really a deal breaker for me.

If this is a problem for you, I understand.    In a similar fashion,  I hope people respect my wishes. You are free to choose who to work with, but please don't force me to do things your way. 

Someone called Rada V. from Australia even threatened to leave terrible reviews because I refused to accept goods and and services even though these terms are clearly stated on my website.

Teresa's Toy Store : Rada Visic threatens to leave negative reviews


If you agree to send via friends and family, I will tell you my Paypal address. 

If you accidentally send as goods and services,  I will refund but only the amount  I receive. Again, a nasty buyer made a similar mistake and got angry when  I refunded only what I received.  I cannot refund what  I didn't receive. 

You can file a dispute with Paypal - this buyer did and lost and started harassing me. 

If you send through Wise, you can send in JPY, or your currency . If you send via bank transfer, I will get it in your currency. However, the exchange rate changes everyday. This is why I will adjust and take note of your credit if the exchange rate changed in your favor or add the difference in the balance if Yen increases. 

I will send you screenshots of the exchange rate I get through Wise on the day I get them.

There are discrepancies with Wise. Sometimes it's as little as  less than 100 yen, sometimes it's 264 yen but never more than 1000 yen in my experience.  

But how can you know that you can trust me ?

- I have thousands of transactions on Mercari, a few hundred on YJA

- I have reviews on Instagram and Facebook 

- I have a business registration uploaded on my site 

- I have been interviewed by Nikkei Asia 

- You can even see the products people bought on my Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok

If these are not enough for you, then I understand.

But look at it from my side, you are some random internet stranger with 0 reviews insisting on Paypal goods and services like Rada V. (Even if you do send me a link, how do I know it is really yours ? ) If you cannot trust me despite overwhelming evidence that I am legit, how can I trust you with 0 evidence that you are ?

If you are unhappy with these, please feel free to go elsewhere.  If you are happy with my conditions, then we can start working together.

Thanks for reading up to here. <3